Out on the Black Water

Life’s been busy recently and it’s been difficult to get out to do anything – not helped by the some of the awful weather we’ve been having recently. Having said that, Torquil managed to escape for a few hours on Sunday and headed off with his kayak to the Black Water, a favourite paddle. It’s only about a 30 minute drive from the farm.

The get-in is at the picnic site where the A835 crosses the river (NH 402 638) – plenty of parking space and a toilet. The get-out is at Little Garve bridge about 1km downstream. It was 0.5 on the SEPA gauge on Sunday and was a grade 3/4 paddle at that level.



You should check out the drops before getting on the river. Those above the get-in and get-out bridges can be a bit tricky. The top rapid above the get-in bridge really needs 0.6 on the gauge to clean it up, but the rest is a nice grade 3/4.

There’s also a small car park at the get-out, so you could park and carry up to the get-in point and check out the drops on the way. There’s a good path all the way up. In fact, there is a really nice circular walk that along both banks of the river that can be started at either bridge – great if not everyone wants to paddle.


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