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Hunting the Aurora Borealis

Posted by on January 4, 2015

Waiting for the auroraLiving in the north of Scotland, we are lucky from time to time to witness the Aurora Borealis. Last night the Aurora alerts were predicting an appearance so Lynn headed out with a group of photographers from in and around Inverness to capture the phenomena. It was decided that Roseisle Beach near Burghead, Moray would be a good spot for images as it provides an interesting foreground. During the journey, things didn’t look too promising as the sky clouded over and it started to drizzle. Luckily, the rain stopped and the sky started to clear a little …

Tank defencesThere wasn’t a hint of green in the sky, but often the camera can pick up colour that the eye can’t see. With that in mind, everyone spread out along the beach and began to take some shots. For many it was an opportunity to try night photography for the first time … although it isn’t easy having to operate by torchlight! The line of concrete blocks on the beach that formed a tank defence during WWII provided a ready ‘prop’.


Light painting multi-coloured One of the group members has a Pixelstick, which was put to use for a bit of light painting while we waited for the ‘Merry Dancers’ …. and waited … and waited …



NightshooterWith nothing much happening in the night sky the group headed along to Burghead for a change of scene before calling it a night. Hopefully the Aurora will put in an appearance soon!

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